Monday, March 11, 2019

Angry Mob Required

A single, random photo montage that pretty much sums up a) the Daily Mail's dumb news* focus b) the general state of things. Forgive my slightly jaundiced and jaded view here, whilst I have numerous issues with the trio top left, some with the royal family (can't quite make my mind up exactly what), celeb culture (Ugh!) and I'm a long time GoT viewer (though not an authority), it's hard not to reflect on modern culture and think "this is rubbish really". We're wallowing in box sets, formulaic films and dramas, "balanced" productions of all things comedic and ongoing sanitized pop and background music that would stun a herd of lazy bulls. The irony is that in terms of health and relative wealth we (in the west) are living in the best of times despite the obvious political and economic race to the bottom going on around us. We are privileged and enabled beyond belief but seem to find it hard to do anything with it all. So doing the right thing is particularly hard, it's the lost art of the 21st century, only a few rare individuals can pull it off. They are there, out there, but are well hidden, by choice and deliberately not feature by any media provider. Here's my own angry mob, called up and chosen, it's the one I intend to set upon all non-believers.

*Nothing obviously Brexit here but it just runs along in the background like some lingering and highly unpleasant smell or an irritating and jarring piece of background music (to all our lives).

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