Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Every now and then

(You say)Every now and then everybody else puts everyone through everything.

The pace is relentless, tweet after post after sharing after caring after tearing, yourself apart. Only to discover you're just like some Kardashian princess except you have a heart. 

And you want to write a lyric that includes the word Lexus. But nothing much rhymes with Lexus apart from solar plexus and reject us (maybe a few other things). 

It takes the biscuit that I took the biscuit, that takes some biscuiting.

I'm neither Bi nor am I Polar. On a scale of 1 - 10 my anxiety would be 5 but I don't know if a high score or a low score counts.

Hello my love. We belong together. Moonpig.

Fife writes. I read mostly.

Noodles in a pan. Noodles in a pan. Getting them in the bowl is tricky. They are sticky. Noodles still in a pan.

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