Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mysterious Ways

The elite moves in mysterious ways. In the week that Brexit has shown itself to be a full blown national humiliation. Where patronizing speeches by the PM have reverberated around the airwaves and where, in frustration and despair millions have logged onto a Government petition site to register their disapproval and where EU leaders have shown they can quickly and effectively meet up and decide on an issue far more quickly than their UK counterparts; where the fuck are we? If you feel powerless and ignored, even more than usual then where will the hope and the good sense actually come from? Westminster? Maybe, maybe eventually. But only after a cull of the political class and the toxic mess of party politics than ignores good sense, good ideas and truth. The current crop are mostly unfit to lead, rule or decide. We are politically bankrupt. I'm ashamed of May, Corbyn and the rest, an embarrassment. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst, not sure what we'll get. The feelings expressed in the #Revokearticle50March and the social media flurry going with it need to be taken seriously for a change. Can the elite cope with this?

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