Monday, March 04, 2019

Slow puncture

Monday morning reflection: Politics and religion are all about control. Nothing else really. Give way and you're trapped. Get yourself born into whatever regime and your stuck. You relinquish your freedom without any conscious choice. Rebellion is tough, extrication seems impossible. The iron grip holds you down and you are stuck in a loop of unplanned consequences and trouble. A spiteful and damaging dysfunctional relationship running in every direction. You might think that they (?) "mean well" but they don't, that's the biggest lie. 

Somebody on Gogglebox described Theresa May as a slow puncture of a person. We all see her deflate in a tortured and slow motion picture, a human disaster unable to stop itself, another link in an ongoing chain of donkey brained and stubborn leadership, virtually sub human as it's woeful behaviour betrays any worthy humanity. A limp and impotent  caricature of poor judgment and disillusion. Ugh! Then there's the rest of them, politicians and priests ... This is Monday and there's no single picture I can think of ugly enough to go with this post. Frank Zappa once said that there's no musical chord dirty or distorted enough to describe the establishment. I'll leave it there.

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