Friday, March 01, 2019

How to be a man

The new international toilet sign for "men" has been chosen. No doubt the competition was stiff but we have a winner. Looking somewhat like a football hovering over a toilet pan it is apparently representative of how men actually are these days. No arms or feet, just a large pot/beery belly on top of a single trouser leg. Meanwhile an empty head (?) floats above with no obvious connection to the body. Pretty much sums up where we all are these days. I for one aspire to this rakish look and will be working towards achieving it (a bit) by altering both my body shape and life style to suit. Tesco toilets everywhere, the ill fitted and misunderstood men of Scotland salute you. Oh, wait a minute, we can't as we have no arms or hands. Tough.

P.S. There is a female version of this but I have chosen not to photograph it or comment on it for obvious reasons. Not my place really.

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