Friday, March 29, 2019

Remains of the day

The broken concrete and stone skeleton of the old tidal swimming pool at Pittenweem, Fife. Obviously abandoned for some time but strangely it probably wouldn't take much to get it back in order. Sea water swimming is popular here and there (not with me) and it could be done safely (?) in this pool, for kids mostly. Anyway it won't happen. I did like to imagine how it might have been with seats, boards and steps, an ice cream booth and some primitive changing areas, back in the day this was all a big deal around the coastal towns. Maybe Brexit stay-cations will bring some of these places back, but only for the brave.

A few minutes after wandering past this pool I bumped into local lad Phil Jupitus and had a brief chat, mostly reminding him of our glorious victory in the "Rip it up" Pop Quiz late last year. Funnily enough he was busy making up arty prints from card and seaweed. Who knew that this was a thing? 

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