Sunday, March 17, 2019

Still life with cat

Captured: Cat even more reluctant than usual to venture out into the somewhat dodgy March weather. So he just sits still and looks out at it. Sometimes he's almost human, sometimes I'm almost cat, (apart from the diet, the litter tray use, the "self" cleaning, clawing at carpets, the outdoor life and various other cat peculiar things and actions).

We took his mum, also a cat, to the vets today for an MoT and oil change. She's very cool and compliant with the vet's noodling and prodding and responds well to the hair drier. Before we left for the vets ginger cat however ran and hid outside and refused to come back as he though his number was up. The rattle and hum of the cat carry case is enough to bring out the terrors in him. We lured him back in with patience and time, food and treats don't really do it, nor does any form of violence. His MoT comes up in July, please nobody tell him.

At the vets I noticed (handily displayed on an information poster) that 25 Grams of cooked chicken per day is for a cat the same as a human being eating two donuts per day i.e. not really healthy (Not sure if they are heavy duty Krispy-Kreme versions or shitty Tesco types either so the data is vague). The thing is mum cat eats about 120 Grams of chicken most days and at 13 years old is still pretty healthy and not over weight. What do we believe now; the informed and scientifically based poster or our own learned and arguably robust  experience? Answers on a postcard please etc.

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