Thursday, March 21, 2019

Nuclear Option

Another precise piece of social commentary from the artist known as ColdWarSteve.
The toxic Westminster shit show is now even more dangerously out of control. Europe is quite rightly fed up and frustrated with Britain's failure to either agree or even understand any workable Brexit solution. Of course there isn't one, it's a man made disaster that doesn't need to happen but now, thanks to poor leadership and high level corruption and manipulation a No-deal Brexit looks very likely (to me anyway). Most informed opinion tells us that this would be a disaster for the country and the economy. What are we to do?

So after thinking long and hard for at least two minutes on a drive home from St Andrews last night I came up with this idea. It may well already be out there but if so no one's dared to mention it publicly so far.

So the idea is that the SNP do a deal with Theresa May (and the rest of them) to grant her what may be crucial voting numbers to finalize her stupid Brexit deal. They will add their votes for the "deal" but only on condition that they get the following:

1. Clear approval to hold an independence referendum soon after Brexit. 

2. Assuming there is a YES result then Scotland gains independence and the freedom to rejoin the EU shortly thereafter.*

3. Scotland negotiates cast iron guarantees (?) regarding our new independence/divorce deal on finance, industry, farming, oil and fishing rights, trade, defence etc.

The deal is to be 100% transparent, the EU will be fully aware and hopefully quickly approve of Scotland rejoining as an independent nation. Would such an idea ever be taken seriously by Westminster as a means to an end for both the Government and the SNP equally?

After that we can leave the remains of the UK to stew in their own Brexit-based juices or maybe even prosper without us, who knows?

*If the referendum vote goes ahead and returns a big fat NO then at least we've tried. It's either Bannockburn or Flodden so surely worth a pop.

What could possibly go wrong?


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