Saturday, March 30, 2019

Big Issue: Killer Bunnies

In the case of this post the title is even more irrelevant than usual. Big Issue? Killer Bunnies? I just liked the way the words meshed, the usual story. Interesting titles don't make for interesting blog reading and, I'm pretty clear on this, this isn't all that interesting reading. Basically it's an experiment in art and drivel that began many years ago and has run, sporadically and inconsistently since. It's a strange compulsion, a cathartic exercise in the recording of the important and the absurd, in no particular order. The Big Issue cover is there because a) I just bought one and b) the artist himself congratulated me on my purchase.

This of course brings me on to the depiction of "killer bunnies" in medieval artwork, it was a thing then, nobody is quite sure why. They appear as doodles and pre-cartoon cartoons in the margins of manuscripts. Perhaps it was simply for comedic effect. For some reason the art world has chosen not to repeat it despite the many circles and cycles of creativity that have wormed their way around our universe. Maybe it's the next big thing. Patreons look out.

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