Thursday, March 07, 2019

Culross Thursday Photos

Up the steps and taking good care of business. Sleeping dog being left to lie (wakes up due to my clumsy approach).

Breakfast in Culross, Royal Burgh and occasional film and TV set provider. The view from the Admiral Cafe after coffee and a bacon roll, a suitably traditional gable end complete with crow steps. Just the backdrop for any stray Outlander tourists looking for a good shot. There are always a few lurking about, anoraks, back packs, large cameras, note books and a look of bewilderment.

A far away and well weathered unicorn stands up to the elements on the top of the Mercat Cross. You get the feeling things and people were much smaller in the past, doorways, public areas, windows, street widths, all set to accommodate some other kind of historical figure, scaled down from our current overblown proportions. I blame orange juice and the excessive intake of sugar.

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