Wednesday, March 13, 2019


There are few things in life more enjoyable that running over old blog posts and correcting spelling mistakes and typos. In other news today was a good day for grouting the floor tiles in the kitchen and pulling weeds and assorted crud from the drains and gutters. There is also the warm but scary feeling of releasing a bird that has been trapped in a chimney flue...

I don't really understand how they get themselves in there but so far at least three birds have been known to get in and thankfully get out. There may be others but we don't talk about them.

I am also avoiding any broadcasts from the UK Parliament. I can't stand the hooting and donkey braying that goes on as different levels of irritating and unfunny juvenile behaviours are exhibited by people who, rather than tackle the actual issues head on, insist on putting their party and career ideals first instead of considering common sense solutions and the good of the country. Whilst that seems to the default setting for most politicians it shouldn't be, not in my version of a sane world anyway.

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