Thursday, March 14, 2019

Washed up

On the wide and bottomless sea that is the internet many things are regularly tossed over board, washed away or set adrift with no clear plan, purpose or expected recovery. The random tides of fashion, search impulses and rogue algorithms reward and punish with no obvious pattern or concern. So I've discovered a small (?) stockpile of our music, about 90+ tracks amongst the flotsam and horrors of YouTube. Some of it is pretty good, some not so good, as you'd expect with anyone's harvested content, we were never too tight on quality control. Anyway it's out there, rudderless and probably less explored than Jamendo, iTunes or Spotify, our holy trinity of benign and distant (disinterested?) hosts. Dive in at your peril, a typical screen shot is up there as some sort of Exhibit A. M'Lud.

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