Friday, September 09, 2016

Anyone for tennis elbow?

I'm not a medical person, you may have guessed. I just think I have a sore left elbow from time to time. Mostly when I use it. The internet information seldom helps, there are too many options when you look for help. I was thinking that those long summer days in the heady 60s playing tennis with a splintered racket from Woolworths and the dog's ball (?) on the gravel in Rosyth had finally caught up on me.  Hand to eye coordination? None really. Of course I was no good and have religiously avoided the sport for years though I did play a lot of summer time campsite badminton for a bit. I guess it's all catching up but then what if it is golfer's elbow? There's a bit of a stigma attached to such an injury i.e. the suggestion of once playing golf, sticky social mobility and bad trousers, I'm not quite there yet. Could it also be bass guitarist's elbow or gear change elbow? Beer swilling elbow? Black and Decker elbow? Wanker's elbow? Nah! It's the left elbow anyway. Probably just a bad case of people of a certain age's wonky parts getting worn and time to reach for the ibuprofen or some other cheap medicine from Aldi, that and some minor alterations to my lifestyle such as avoiding tennis matches and courts.

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