Saturday, September 17, 2016

Buzzed into the yellow

(By the way all this happened yesterday but then I do get time periods mixed up). So on a day when a dead bird flew down the chimney I seriously considered the possible fact that we are now living in the end times (things falling from the heavens etc.). A harsh and waterless future lies before us, warmed up so as to melt the polar caps but chilled by regular power failures and starved due to a lack of successfully usable arable land. Anyway rather than dwell on any of that negative stuff I paused to enjoy our neat 365 day Christmas display hanging up in the garage. Just the thought of that time of year, all those eager rosy cheeked children, snow falling, warm fires and huge shopping lists and the debt that goes with them took my mind far from more serious matters and the imminent massive world-system's breakdown. After all today has been the day when I've been buzzed into the yellow tower, paid for free coffee, learned how to polish a car in six easy stages and held a successful farewell to a blackbird quasi religious ceremony. I also boiled a bag of potatoes and as a result of all that starch and stimulation had a few ideas none of which were any good. 

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