Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Broughty Ferry

The topmost top of Broughty Castle, free entry for all and a tricky spiral staircase to boot. Also explains how Broughty Ferry came to be Broughty Ferry in a kind of roundabout, museum based way.
Looking westwards up the silvery Tay towards the fabled city of Dundee with a small portion of Fife (always threatening) on the left.
During the war they put a big "fuck off" gun here. I'm not aware of it ever being fired in anger, now it's scrap metal somewhere in Spain with only the fixing bolts remaining.
Some nice coffee in a cafe about to be shut down for sanitation violations. Well the ladies had sprung a nasty leak (?) and could only be used by shining a mobile phone light upon the business and the gents had been blocked up by the over zealous use of toilet paper by a previous customer. The staff were violently unblocking said lavvie upon our arrival (successfully I believe) and so were able to serve us and the other punters a decent and reasonable sandwich lunch. All very entertaining, I understand that they also do comedy nights from time to time.

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