Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday's the new Friday

I haven't seen or even heard of this film in about fifty years and then it turned up on my Twitter feed via Muriel Gray of all people. It was daft then, Lord knows how it's aged, probably very badly. I also recall having a schoolboy crush on Glynis Johns that operated on two levels a) looks and b) voice. The cast are  probably all dead by now. Sad and not really jokey.
In my current line of work it turns out that Thursday is indeed the day right before the weekend which now starts on Friday most weeks. This situation requires a small amount of adjustment though not as big an adjustment as when you actually retire (which I did do and then decided to do other things including working). I should know. So none of this is really relevant as it's almost Friday and I'm on my second small glass of red wine whilst slowly recovering from the unfortunate overage cheese and fish incident.

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