Saturday, September 10, 2016

How we build

Some things get built in factories, some in yards, some in cottages. It all depends on the industry and the amount of exploitation that you are willing to endure. Also how desperate and hungry you are. Sad facts but these are the true lubricants of capitalism and what some might consider to be progress. My up-cycled guitars are built in the garden/garage/workroom; largely it depends on the weather. and that strange bed-fellow that is opportunity.  Here in the photo a Gibson/Baldwin Les Paul is getting a new neck and a new veneer skin on the headstock whilst sitting on my (so far) faithful B&D Workmate. All this is being done whilst avoiding various rainstorms and those naughty acts of god that regularly prevail round these parts.  New pickups are winging their way from some Chinese quarter as we speak, top quality parts are always used in any upgrade as you'll understand.

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