Friday, September 16, 2016

Dead blackbird = shock discovery

I can't really explain how this poor fellow met such an untimely end in our wood burning stove nor how it came to be transformed into some kind of avian shrine for the dead, those lost souls who've fallen from the blue skies above. Strange things happen here from time to time. I thought that we had a bird proof chimney pot or a pigeon proof cowl fixed and that all the exorcisms had worked. Something in the long process has clearly failed but people do say that random household dead bird discoveries bring good luck and wealth.
No point in asking the three closest witnesses either. Being pretty wooden about the whole thing.

In other news I've returned to the world of full time work as a special correspondent in a big rectangular place that on a regular basis briefly allows dreams of various kinds to come true. Hopefully none of it will end in tears as my thought processing and brain-washing experience begins.

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