Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Seasonal spiders

It's that time of year when for some possibly climate related reasons we start to get spiders milling around in the house. Looking all lost and unemployed because of the demise of the flies and other buzzing insects, they scuttle here and there and annoy you in the shower; so the spiders are clearly at a bit at a loose end. They also spin lots of webs in a somewhat futile attempt at showing good industry, they set them across doorways and on car  mirrors. I guess it's a desperate situation for them as the bide their time till next spring when more edible bugs come out. Anyway I took the opportunity to sketch a few in a less than realistic style albeit I've credited all of the beasts with having eight hairy legs, not quite so accurate in the eye department though. Yesterday's more comprehensive post also includes one rendering.

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