Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Right now

So what am I thinking about right now?

Breakfast and a shower, most likely breakfast first which will be porridge, banana and syrup. The shower should mainly form warm water, soap and no porridge whatsoever.

Partner gone to work. Traffic.

Guitar pickups: I put two new Warman Humbuckers on an old Les Paul copy. They work really well and importantly worked and fitted first time with only a tiny bit of tweaking being required. No drama.

Weather forecasts, even though it seldom stops me doing things I still zoom in on today's weather.

Instagram. What are people taking pictures of today and will there be any good ones offered up for one dimensional approval via the little red heart?

Last night's fishy leftovers (?), salad with a really good dressing and of course well sliced, tasty tomatoes.

A phone call or email from a prospective employer, so many things that are promised but take far longer than they should to arrive.

Road trip and Amazon delivery.

And then there's the blurry edges, between the real and the imagined, sitting considering the pale light of day and the hazy recollections of a distant night time and what might have passed by or been experienced in a few hours of sleep but is now remote and forgotten.

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