Sunday, September 11, 2016

Listen Carefully

As I travel back in time ( a regular occupation of mine) I'm soundtracked by Mr CBQ's History of Progressive Rock, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. More are due out on a daily basis, or so it seems. This is in addition to his other music sharing activities which cover a wide range of styles and tastes. So I'm revisiting past lives and haunts as this music runs in the background stimulating and exercising memory and recall. A lot of it sounds like something else, I didn't realise that at the first time of hearing but now I have layers of sound in my head. Such is the power of reflection. So I've nothing to fear from dementia or anything else, the benign patter of prog rock drum and based coupled with baffling lyrics, weird electric noises and sudden changes of pace bend and stretch the core areas of the brain and probe the soul to rise and paint pictures of faces and places and missed opportunities...or maybe it's just that strong coffee and a little too little sleep or the ritual disassembly of glued together IKEA furniture.

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