Friday, September 02, 2016

Sonic confusion

Or possibly and more accurately, perpetual art of continued sonic confusion. What is best? Valves or transistors or digital or acoustic or what? What if it's all really just in your fingers like Jeff Beck (a theory I've always liked to think I've subscribed to) or is it really that (playing live) most guitars sound pretty shit really and it's only the magic of studio rendering and witch doctor type of spells that fixes anything? Fabulous mistakes where solos end on that awkward wrong note (Miles Davies said "it's the note that you play next that matters).  Hmm... as Frank Zappa said to Steve Vai (people seem to say a lot of things about tone) "your playing is great but your tone is like a ham sandwich". Me? I'm more in the Marmite on toast tonal zone with a little porridge on the side, quite comfortable in there really.

Just reflecting on the fact that most of my musical references are set from forty years ago or by people long dead and gone. That looks dangerously out of time however I do subscribe to Pro-Guitar Shop's latest tonal suggestions, hints and advice when ever I can. The trouble is most modern equipment is hell bent on replicating the "classic" sounds from the golden age of whatever genre happens to be mentioned.

Neil Young's wonderful, ramshackle rig, as you might have guessed.

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