Sunday, September 18, 2016

Breakfast with Jackson Browne

Some of my oldest daughter's fairy tale art work, nicely done but  captured badly by my phone in Aberdeen.
Number one in an occasional series of reported weekend breakfasts consumed whilst listening to some significant songwriter or musical genius and offering up a deep critical and meaningful appraisal of their best works and how they've influenced the likes of me over the years.  You know sometimes these far of folks seem like real people and are almost friends what with all their sharing and stuff.

Nice bright, calm morning, no rain and a wee sleep in following yesterday's road trip to Aberdeen. So breakfast consisted of some rather nicely burned eggy bread (AKA French toast but without sugar or syrup), bacon again nicely burned, saute potatoes only slightly burned and beans slightly overdone but edible thanks to some microwave type miscalculations. There was also strong coffee and apple juice but I passed on the apple juice. Sometimes I'm just not a real  juice person in the morning, more of a banana and porridge type  if their no real cooking on the go. Oh and there was some Jackson Browne album or other playing in the background.

A growing number of unhappy and unsettled wasps are choosing to end their days in a water filled jam jar for some reason. (Lolly stick added for scale and extra, attractive sweetness.)

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