Monday, September 19, 2016

Back to work

The Monkees during their short lived Kiss period. Little  is known of how this came about but thanks for showing us it Mr Internet.
I've gone back to working for a living, a slight shock to the system but not one that is causing any aches or pains yet despite my body journeying around the sun nearly 61 times in succession. The already high quality sleep pattern I regularly adhere to can only get better as I burn myself out. But I'm made of sterner, stronger stuff, built to survive on coffee and bananas and a reasonable amount of mild stimulation. Actually the worst thing about work is the journey there and back again; getting in and out of the car park and listening to the (ugh!) news on the radio. Anyway the novelty will wear off in a few weeks no doubt and I'll return to my usual idle contemplations.


  1. Well a kind of boredom come lethargy set in after the USA trip so I'm now kicking boxes at Amazon for a few weeks. It's keeping me fit and there's a healthy level of Fifeshire/Polish banter there that I quite enjoy plus free coffee and it's just up the road.