Friday, September 23, 2016

The culmination of which

Up with the lark this morning, out on the road and an early, pleasant  breakfast was had at the Yellow Coloured Cafe in Rosyth consisting of a bacon and egg roll, coffee and a view of fields and the many housing schemes that make up Rosyth.
Home in good time to pick apples and to discover this fellow hanging in the apple tree, presumably placed there some time ago by some family joker. He seems happy enough so I left him there. It did remind me of my ongoing mission to spend my kid's inheritance on various stupid things culminating in the funding of a project to successfully send a Scottish (Scottish based that is and by some form of animal adoption) monkey to either the Moon or Mars (which ever is easier to reach). As a piece of work it may take a bit of time to fully put it together but this summer's visit to NASA in the USA has proved to be inspirational. 
These are the apples picked today from the two apple trees, not a bad haul for a year's worth of growing and us doing nothing really. They will be food processed shortly.

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