Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cat mint

Cats like cat mint a lot, so much so they will risk diving into dangerous and unfriendly baskets to indulge in this irresponsible drug use, then they stagger in an undignified manner. What are they thinking? But they are cats and we are the humble watchers of the universe, Dr Who, Grey's Anatomy, Andrew Marr, drinkers of red wine, chicken eaters, petrol consumers and drivers of ridiculous vehicles, wind dodgers and washing machine operatives. The cats in their idle and indistinct passions win...most of the time. Then there are the opposable thumb issues.

Meanwhile in a fit of storm correction and victimisation activity I saw the foaming glory of a Glenrothes car wash, a rainbow across Dalgety Bay, watched a cute dog become intimate with a sheepskin rug and felt the breath of an angry and unjust god blow across the car park at Dobbies. Average Sunday in most respects.

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