Sunday, May 15, 2011

The only living boy in Stobo Castle

The pool is deserted but the cafe is packed.

Shining corridor.

Mouse's eye view of Stobo Castle, health spa: taken from some outside sanctuary a safe distance from 100 chattering and excited ladies - meanwhile Ali's inside having some brilliant treatments I believe.

We enjoyed a fine anniversary break at Stobo in the borders. Brilliant location, good food, huge room and all the spa type facilities and services you'd imagine. Thought the hotel was busy the odd part was that I was the only bloke there, so I had all the (male) facilities to myself: Steam room, sauna etc. I also had a hot stone massage which literally transported me to far away places in the form of a near out of body experience. Proof if there ever was that drugs are quite unnecessary if you have the need to get high. The body, oils, hot stones and err... the massage techniques of the trained professional have mysterious properties. I'll be back.

Being the only male in amongst a weekend's worth of women is weird, like being a fox in a chicken coup or maybe a sprat in a sea of sharks, the feelings shifted from panic to relaxation and back again. So after epiphany of the massage we had a nice lingering meal and a few sherbets, we then retired to watch the grand finale of Eurovision. By the time the 20th vote was cast I was comatosed. I'm sure somebody from Eastern Europe won eventually and not the brittle, feeble entry from the UK. It seems the cold war never really ended but thereafter the sun did set on Stobo. Next day it was an early breakfast, swimming, more pampered women and more steam room torture and then back home by the long road, via IKEA and a dung emporium. More on that tomorrow.

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