Sunday, May 22, 2011

Key Performance Indicators

Here are some numbers from our recent Spotify sales. Nice to see somebody played our track "I miss that boy" 17 times in a row back in February. These streaming listens generate very little money but at least give us the satisfaction of knowing that folks listen to our music, sometimes repeatedly or in some excessive random patterns. I can imagine the neighbours banging on the walls round about listen 5 or 6.

The esoteric magic that is the rambling and unfocused Ford Cougar diaries enjoys some phenomenal web stats mostly from hits in Mexico, Columbia and other regions in Central America. It all started on the 8th of May and might well die back at any time. Currently clocking about 700 hits per day. Not a bad run.

Other indicators? Well we've demoed a few things and scribbled some verses and done a lot of key change alteration works. I was also was overtaken by a truck loaded with helium today as I crossed the Forth Bridge for the fourth time (today)...that set me thinking about many things. I'm still trying to put it all together in a bid to create some sort of theory.

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