Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look sharp

These days the ancient trade of knife sharpening doesn't really get the exposure or recognition it deserves. Where, as a civilisation would we be if all our knives had been blunted and stayed that way? No dead and butchered mammoths, no carved religious icons, no stab victims (Brutus, Ritzio etc.), no gutted herring, no topiary chickens, only worn out pencils on board of the space shuttle...the list and awful consequences just goes on. I was therefore heartened and encouraged to see that the age old trade is alive and well in the Lothians with a roving exponent out on the highways and byways every so often. I'm seriously thinking of booking a servicing session for my Swiss Army knife (7 blade model, 1989) and the garden shears. He'll be gigging at the New Hopetoun Garden Centre on 4th June...a piece of living history not to be missed.

Speaking of living history, this webcam is trained on the zebra crossing at Abbey Road. Strangely entertaining and worryingly compulsive.

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