Monday, May 02, 2011

A world without Osama

Up and showered, Ali gone to the office, yogurt and banana breakfast and coffee. On the sofa with the TV remote ready to catch up on the news and the weekend football. Then it becomes clear it's no longer a slow news day today. Bin Laden killed in a fire fight in Pakistan by US operatives. News channels and media machines go nuts as the story spreads across time zones and filters into slowly waking minds. David Cameron describes it as a "major step forward", I wonder what that means, I doubt Cameron has any real plan that might somehow move in any particular direction as a result of this. So that's one man, one super criminal and terrorist out of the way and for many there will be a strong and understandable sense of justice having been done. A brief moment of triumph can be enjoyed before the next wave of reprisal or revenge attacks happen and unfortunately they will sooner or later, so the fear stays - a fact that suits governments of all persuasions, everywhere.

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