Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slow news day with minimal effort expended

Last night's Game of Thrones did the unthinkable, it killed (in a truly horrible manner) someone who I thought was a major character in just the sixth episode. That's a classy bit of TV script writing and admirable risk taking. I'm now hooked as it's clear that anything can happen and it turns out that the GoT shop is open now. Buy, buy, buy. Decent review and plot/weird name reminder thingy here also.

Today the gales died down a bit, that was a relief, having said that the sports section of the Sunday Times remains gaffer taped across the fireplace in a desperate bid to stop the flying soot from covering miscellaneous cats and laptops. Every so often it makes a draughty paper rustle which is really spooky, it picks it's moments. The kids have declared it to be a piece of artwork as well as an anti-soot device. Possibly. We might publish the results later.

Meanwhile in other news a cat did hop into a delivery van and at home we ate two tins of meatballs.

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