Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Christmas

Maybe it was last Christmas or maybe the one before. Anyway it's the decoration that time forgot, it has stayed successfully hidden for all this time but today I outed it. Having said that I considered the situation, tomorrow is June 1st, Christmas is just six months away, any real point in taking it back down now?

Sorry to say that the Fleet Foxes have failed me miserably with their latest release. Driving up to Pitlochry today I listened to "Helplessness Blues" for a third (painful) time. This album is truly awful and when I think of their sublime first album I'm lost as to how they came up with this lyrical and musical drivel. Like Enya drum beats meet Yes's poetry meeting Love's guitar strum with fishy production and disjointed and pointless songs, it's all those things but on a very bad day. Do yourself a favour buy anything but this piece of jigsaw puzzle pieces complete with long fades that should never have started in the first place. Ugh. You might consider Alison Krauss and Union Station's latest, 10000 times better.

Every meal consumed produces 0.5 m3 of stuff that you didn't realise you had in the first place. Every McD's produces enough landfill each week to fuel the average moon rocket with methane and of course fill the Albert Hall many times over. I may well be lovin' it but I'm not sure.

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