Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The only water in the forest is the river

Why would anybody put a cuddly toy inside a display microwave in IKEA? Perhaps it's some kind of shiny miniature Tardis.

Technopolis: The struggle to keep up is exhausting. Learning to operate a new cooker with two ovens, multiple control selections, heating and fan options, to heat up some frozen chips. Getting a grey and balding head around a new Macbook, making it's easy to use and intuitive features look complicated, failing to grasp the obvious and unable to take instructions literally. Not being sure what an HD display really looks like, not being sure whether it's off or on, no knowing what scart cable to put where, no following instructions, paying an extra £10 a month for nothing. Being too lazy to use the text option to insert user names and passwords into a phone key pad, paying whatever £s a month for ?MB of Internet dross and not using it. Having the same reading glasses for six years and bringing the pages ever closer (or further away) but reluctant to go in for an eye test and upgrade. Putting food into the freezer and never taking it out again...that's a mystery.

Doctor's wife: If you were perplexed, puzzled, confused or infuriated by the latest Dr Who episode then this well informed and well written article might just help.

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