Friday, May 27, 2011

This is not quite enough

I came home early from work (well about 2ish), I'd been daydreaming about going out for quick spin around the estate on my new bargain bike bought from a bloke in Buffies Brae so I wanted the weekend to start. The dream however was quickly quashed or squashed by Mother Nature's determination to provide a backdrop of raindrops to my outdoor adventures. I looked out of the window and willed the rain to stop, that didn't work. Then I thought about getting wet and how maybe that was not so bad. Then I thought about what people would think (?) and how I'd be labelled as a mad bloke from that house who cycles in the rain for pleasure. Then I sat down for a period of reflection, a beef salad sandwich and a bit of the Tom Morton show. Then I wandered over to the garage in the rain and sprayed WD40 here and there and loosened some Allan headed screws (that was good, satisfying and it's not any kind of euphemism). Then I chatted to a neighbour and picked up an errant package that he'd collected for Ali. Then I came in and started writing this drivel...and laughing to myself at the stupid monkey picture and decided that this is enough of that for the day. As Tom Morton said "If I'd known that it was this far away I'd never have come here in the first place".

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  1. Only violent hail storms and hurricane force gales stopping you from getting on yer bike! Since you're going two-wheeled can I suggest the following bike accessories?

    Decent waterproofs
    A speedometer so you can clock average speed, distance travelled, calories burned, soreness of arse etc.
    An app you can download from for your i-phone which shows all the National Cycle Network routes (I haven't got that because I don't own an i-phone, but I really really would like it).
    You've got a great cycling route where you live.