Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rain stops play

It's raining away across the fields but you can't tell.

More (damp) still life.

Strange how indifferent cats can be towards rain, other times they plainly refuse to go out in it. Today it's not a problem.

Unplanted potatoes.

At work this afternoon I was struggling with a fiendish and slow moving piece of on-line training. A modern form of torture with little else to compare, worst of all the topic was Microsoft Share Point (groan). That prompted the day dream of coming home and doing a little relaxing gardening in the evening sunshine, then the rain came and that dream died.

Slow and surreal news on a rainy day: The SNP are now tucked up within their ugly monster Parliament building and at full and gawky strength, the work on the trams is going to restart (by stopping up Princess Street again), four hives worth of bees were stolen in Dundee and Edinburgh Zoo's dodgy management team appears to have been cleared of wrong doing in time for the panda's arrival and an old bloke who fell over in a cave was rescued by Border's Mountain Rescue (?). Then the Bank of England announces that inflation may reach 5%, that actually sounds quite good compared to what it feels like at the moment. How many economists and statisticians did it take to work that out?

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