Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Great Wave of Unbelief

Some say he is a genius but I'm not so sure: I suppose I believe some of what you say happened but I don't believe your explanation of events or the weight you apply to them. In your little universe only your rules count. Your exceptional is exceptional to you but may well be common to the rest of the world. What does normal look like? You are however unable to see or understand that, trapped as you are in that strange, binary world of single minded, simple needs and protections.

As for rules, of course they are wonderful things, guidance is to be admired and good practice encouraged, unless that it these things call upon you do something out with that comfort zone you enjoy, the privilege and the protection natural to your background. By birth you landed in that lucky position where life gave you support, choices and chances most don't have. You don't know any better.

You can't understand restraint, patience and trust. These are unnecessary things in the gilded grandiose prison that is your narrow and affected mind and they'd just get in the way. You have a purpose.  It's never going to be your fault. You float somewhere above it all, the temple of the low man. It's the media, the law, those stupid people, the system, the big clunky structures of governance and those irritating people who disagree with you. Nice way to be.

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