Thursday, May 07, 2020

My Generation

The UK press is at the bottom of this chart unsurprisingly. It's a wake up call but the press still refuse to listen. Pathetic. Back in the day (March maybe?) I'd still see older folks (60+ like me) picking up daily newspapers in shops or supermarkets at about 1100 in the morning. The Daily Mail, the Sun, Express etc. Clearly taking the paper home to read news and opinion that is at least 24 hours old and distorted and twisted beyond belief, but their habit prevails. I can hardly believe it. I do not understand what compels anyone to buy a daily newspaper (any of the "popular" ones) in this day and age. 

I lost faith in "mainstream" media years ago and 2014 and 2016's events put the tin lid on it, but so called sensible, responsible people are still habitually buying into this world of manipulation and deception. Just seeing the PM's face on the cover of a paper makes me want to set fire to it never mind buy it. I just give up on a large section of my own generation, whatever is coming your way you probably deserve it (but the rest of us don't). Call it Karma.

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