Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Distorted Vistas of the Heart

Spent most of yesterday giving myself doses of good advice by saying things such as "calm the fuck down" and "it's just the usual Tory shit show", but that doesn't really help because I've never actually taken my inner voices very seriously. Time travelling social media coupled with the staccato intervention of random and irrelevant news clips and opinions from unreliable sources drives the day along as if powered by crack cocaine and nitro. Not a safe or useful mix. I'm flipping between the reputable and the untrue, I'm just not sure which is which.

The only easy answer is to plant out seedlings or cook food (not at the same time). You undertake these tasks very slowly and deliberately whilst, in between stirring, mixing and chopping, staring bleakly into those coloured up styles of distorted landscapes and vistas that make no sense whatsoever. The rub being that this is exactly the same as much of the so called real world at the moment. Then, as days pass and you adjust to the speed in that brave new world of redemptive creativity, you can look out for signs of actual growth. 

This is all plausible until you go out for a woodland walk and notice that the trees all have small serial numbers etched into aluminium plates and attached to their trunks and you wonder if: a) you've stumbled into an unused Disneyland back lot or b) this whole thing is just a complex simulation.

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