Friday, May 22, 2020

No weddings, 3 fridges and many funerals

This is useful: How to stay apart, how to fall apart, how to trip over furniture, how not to see spaces, how to understand the relative mass of common objects as if they were sentient beings somehow following you down the street, how to be assaulted and possibly shoved off the pavement by the unruly behaviour of three very drunk and shouty fridges passing by, how to ensure random pieces of furniture running amok in the street do not cause you any harm, how to consider a 2m space if you have a limited knowledge of the metric system but have either been inside a fully furnished house or a branch of IKEA, how to behave in the company of both people and imaginary white goods. 

How to navigate an assault course of mis-matched bits of furniture and appliances. How to behave in crowded areas if you think you are not a Covid-19 carrier or how to behave as if you might be one and therefore don't wish to pass your infection on to others. Finally, based on your experience of things around you, what is the size of the average bench, be it garden, park, gym, cafe, bus stop etc.?

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