Monday, May 11, 2020

Stay alert.

A colourful rendition of a favourite plant and pot. I'm staying as alert as possible.
An unprecedented wave of bin juice: That could mean one of two things or indeed two things. One being a kitchen bin mess due to a leaky bag that requires rapid and careful cleaning before it turns into a fully blown kitchen floor disaster.  Fortunately I am trained in the correct procedures and managed to retrieve the situation. The other being a short, pithy description of the PM's Sunday night speech... bin juice indeed.

Staying alert in a stupid world: Weather-wise a bright but disappointing Sunday (that being yesterday), where has spring gone and where is it going? Then the chilly peace is shattered as the interweb gets flooded with outrage and unbelief over the (Westminster) Government's latest ineptitude, as if that was somehow unexpected. Their business is serial fuck-wittery, people actually voted them in and continue to defend them and some faceless "grandees" will benefit from the ongoing and needless chaos. 

I'm remaining locked down in the hope of mass targeted clinical assassinations via a merciful Covid 19 dose dropped in the form of some kind of intelligent weapon of God's supreme judgement from the hold of a passing alien spacecraft onto the various Tory Party / Brexit Party bunkers, all done as a form of universal Darwinism to wash the planet clean. There's a faint chance that we, as a species might survive, or advance even, following such an unprecedented (as in bin juice) event.

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