Saturday, May 16, 2020

Accidental Inhalation

How some things may seem the morning after.
In a normal day in a normal universe I'd have awoken this morning with at least a 75% feeling of being hungover: Anniversary outing, wine, Prosecco, Chinese food, more wine, Zoom Bingo, Gogglebox, the News, Twitter, nice gifts, Joe Wicks, rich cakes, hampers, more wine etc. all take their toll. Thankfully nothing happened and I got up this morning clear headed and in reasonable shape (apart from the normal multiple Wick's induced injuries and stiffness that now plagues my "senior" body), so that was a nice surprise. 

I'm also less fixated upon my chipped tooth. I phoned the dentist yesterday but the line was busy with customers who have real problems and actual pain. At one point my dental damage seemed to be the size of a small aircraft carrier in my mouth, now it's more at the level of a leaky rowing boat. These are terrible illustrations I know but my mind is elsewhere as I've been cleaning out the cat litter tray and may have accidently inhaled at some point in the process.

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