Monday, May 25, 2020

Someone's Psychedelic Breakfast

Egg and banana pancakes.

Using the golden ratio, which is roughly two eggs to one large banana - so you can riff on that, do the following: Mix the eggs and banana up vigorously into a kind of egg and banana smoothie batter, this may take a little time and some elbow effort but stay with it. Heat up a suitably non-stick frying pan and plop a pancake sized dollop of the mixture in. No need for oil.

Buckle up any nearby saxophone and improvise freely for a few moments. Then turn the pancake, the downside should now be the upside and the upside should now be a pleasant brownish/golden colour. Resume your saxophone playing whilst what was the upside now cooks on the downside. Stop playing and using a fish slice style of implement (please ensure it is free from fish) remove the pancake and place it on a dish. Apply some golden syrup or whatever you like on pancakes. Eat and enjoy. 

My work on earth is now complete, thank you.

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