Sunday, May 10, 2020

Chinese spy-phone

Top tips for photos: Up at 0830 yesterday, looked out of the window and snapped this with my Chinese spy-phone. Right place, right time. My tinfoil hat was discarded in haste some time previously when I was out and about recycling wine bottles. So no filters, manipulation or any shit, just the glorious and misty haze of a very still May morning rolling in from east to west or thereabouts. Wild and free photography. 

As a matter of routine self indulgence I quickly uploaded this onto Twitter, as ever seeking the slightest approval and validation of some sort from that virtual world, such is the shallow nature of my stilted personality. The still and silent pigeon atop the chimney was singled out for praise, of course I hadn't even noticed it at the time of clicking. I'm not much of a details person.

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