Sunday, May 17, 2020

Guided by the voices of cats

A possibly dangerous presumption based around the behaviour of cats: Today the household cats have decided to stay in as it's a damp rainy day. I am presuming this but I have decided to follow suit, to take my lead from the actions of cats rather than any chemical or electrical process counter to this that might be happening in my own mind. I am the slave of  two cats for the day albeit I will not be using a litter tray or carrying out any form of self cleaning using my tongue. As a result I will experience, as far as I can remember, the first full day of lockdown in which I haven't ventured outside of the house at all, not even into the garden. 

In other news we mounted a search last night for "tiny subtitles" on a Swedish sci-fi film. Even from the safety of our own couch it was an extensive and laborious process that we explored for the first time. Sadly we failed; twenty minutes into the film (which shall remain nameless) we were unable to locate the tiny subtitles. This meant that the film, rendered only in the Swedish language was to us, mere Northern Europeans of Celtic origin, totally incomprehensible. In the end we had to give up and watched an Alan Partridge movie instead. It was that kind of evening but we did laugh quite a lot.

I got up this morning and learned a whole lot of things about explosions, gear ratios and eclipses and now I've fried most of my brain, at least for the day. The cat sitting on the TV remote control may have played a small part in this. "Soon 43% will become 76% and we will be near completion." Said a wise old cat.

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