Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Pond life

Pond life via the "glorious day" patented filtering system.
As I walked out one midsummer morning; surprisingly I didn't end up busking with a violin in Southampton, wheeling barrows round London, after a while arriving in Spain and getting involved (?) in the civil war and eventually getting rescued by an RN destroyer off Gib and then coming home and once back there writing a book about it all. That must have been somebody else, someone more literate and imaginative than me and it must have been at least 80 odd years ago. Please don't be confused by any of this.

So we walked out, not from the Cotswolds but from our home base in the 'Ferry to explore the rich natural habitat that exists beyond the charity shop and just down by the telephone exchange (a redundant sounding concept) and near the building site where nothing is currently happening because of the world wide shit storm that is 5G mobilization. So it was there we happened upon the mythical Ferry pond for the very first time in history. We walked around it like wide eyed tourists and looked into it's depths and took photographs, as above. A pleasant enough way to start the day. Then we walked back home taking a slight detour to explore a short section of beach and the harbour just to check that the tide was still behaving itself. Thankfully it was.

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