Saturday, May 30, 2020

In the Font of Arial

Knowing not why I felt a strange compulsion to delve a little deeper into that mysterious world that had now opened up before me. I found myself in a place called "Lockdown Recovery - Phase 1", a special place reserved only for the actual geographical inhabitants of a land called Scotland. We were to be the first to fly free in a dangerous but necessary experiment or so they said. I confess that I was a little nervous, stepping out, raw and unused into this big space with free flowing fellow travelers, all regimented and safely apart, all fixed and focused on getting somewhere because, quite suddenly we were allowed to. 

I didn't feel safe. Too hot, too hostile, strangely quiet and then there were the "other people". I was afraid. For the first time in a while I was in the flow of the traffic of greater humanity, and it showed.  Advice can be taken or ignored it seems. No masks, chatting with open mouths, too close, not observing, possibly using non-household toilets and crockery, sidling up to others in queues, travelling as far as they liked to their second "holiday home" and justifying this because it was a warm weekend and the electricity meter needed reading. Hmm. I may never cycle to Dalmeny ever again.

Worlds apart: Phase 1 night-vision goggles used in broad daylight reveal the difference and it's almost like night and day.

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