Friday, May 01, 2020

Fighting Fit

By the light of her faithful dog Jasper, Julie Cruiseliner provides healthy advice on posture, mat size, well being and taking a positive mental view on the current state of British politics. All very welcome. 
Staying fighting fit and resistant to air-borne nasties on a Mexican/Mediterranean/Mac and Cheese diet. Once upon a time we walked everyday, the official gas-lighted government sponsored slab of exercise we're all rationed to under lock-down and fuck-up. It's worked well so far, we've met fellow puffing and smirking isolationists out with their dogs, hand weights, running togs and state of the art bicycles. We've nodded a guarded hello and avoided their flying spittle, it's not so easy out there where paranoia and pavlova run hand in mask. 

But that was in the fine weather of April, now we're trudging into the damp obscurity of a Scottish May, promising much but delivering little and so the crowded world of streamed exercise programming, good health tips and well being advice is enticing and attractive. All you need is a compatible mat, loose clothing and reasonable broadband. Now choose your smooth guru with decent diction and shorter videos for seniors. We're in there.

P.S. A nice sunny morning today so we returned to walking, pond searching and remembering the golden days of the bridge tolls.

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