Thursday, May 14, 2020

Emergency Dental

How the inside of your mouth feels when there's trouble there you can't quite fix with a brush or a toothpick.
I suppose it had to happen during lockdown, some kind of medical crisis that isn't Covid-19 and isn't actually a crisis. A chipped tooth is not a crisis, the dentist's website kindly explains it all in simple terms. Only an idiot would see minor cosmetic dental damage as problematic. I'm also on a dental plan so it'll get fixed ... some time in 2021. 

Naturally I turned to the internet for solutions, emergency fixes, products called "Tempteeth" and the like. All no doubt Chinese in origin (not a bad thing), three and a half to four stars on reviews, prices and delivery vary wildly. There are YouTube demonstrations, mostly by similar lockdown victims like myself, all quite relaxed, performing and re-performing their tricks to fix that troublesome tooth and thereby restore their dental beauty. Invariably their solutions are temporary, masking and replacing the tooth damage is a daily task, part of their beauty routines along with nails and what have you. They are mostly young women (?).

I'm biding my time here, DIY mouth gluing sessions have seldom gone well for me in the past. I just need to concoct a reasonable story for the dentist's hotline. I'm on the case. Still pondering super glue. Lockdown has created that rarest of things, too much thinking time.

(Tiny) Tooth chipping with laptop logo for scale.

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