Friday, May 15, 2020

Ten Years After

Gravestone No. AB118 makes a handy temporary table.
As part of an essential shopping journey we made a possibly non-essential journey, only a few miles from the well beaten track in fact to our old house, our former home and the location of our wedding ten years ago. We were married in the church next door and then had the celebrations etc. in a marquee in front of our house. 15th May 2010. 

We moved away eight years ago but came back today just for a wee look around and to remember and reflect on the day. Those that are now not with us, those that have arrived and the journey we've been on to get this far. We sat in the sun by the church, sipped some Cava whilst looking over the ancient graves. OK not particularly glamorous spot I know but, in my view, the right thing to do. Cheers to us!

Once we'd done that I was naturally curious to inspect the septic tank, the woodland pathway, the paint job on the house, the fruit trees and the general state of things. Phew.

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