Saturday, May 02, 2020

Lockdown Hair Styles

One of these is before and the other is after but I've no idea which is which. Neither are remotely accurate either.
For a man of a certain age, your own hair is a bit of a nuisance. It's lost colour, body, and large chunks of it have fallen out and fallen by the wayside, like a dead carpet that's suffered years of abuse. A long time ago it ceased to be something you worked hard to maintain and so a period of neglect kicked in. A trip to the barber means a good scalping and your ear and nostril hair getting torched. The steady decline of hair care in the modern man's world seems almost inevitable. Remember when Crown Topper toupees were advertised in the Sunday papers? I'm struggling to remember Sunday papers.

Young(ish) hipsters and fashionable hairy types have no idea that this point exists in life and that they'll have to negotiate it one sorry day. For me that day has long passed. My hair and I are on good terms but that's about it. It's days of growing free and blowing free and being tended to are ... gone. Today a fresh air hair cut was kindly provided, I'm clean and cool and slightly itchy - young people be warned, I'm living in your future. 

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